Select countries by name, never make mistakes, it really is that easy!

PowerPoint World Map

  • World’s most epic way of creating insight in global developments in your PowerPoint presentation, no atlas needed, work fast and error free!
  • Easily coloring countries selected in the world list of country names
  • Your global developments presentation set up in minutes
  • Business and Educational: Need a country name? Click and see!
  • Highly detailed maps drawn as standard PowerPoint objects
  • Your “PPT World Map with Full Instruction” instantly in e-mail
For PC use only! (Not for Apple / Mac)

Epic PowerPoint World Map with names selectable in countries names list

Companies you may know, working faster with the PowerPoint World Map

The PowerPoint World Map with names has been sold in 65+ countries

PowerPoint World Map is the world’s number 1 way of creating insight in global developments in your presentation. Easily coloring countries from the list of names without need of any atlas and no more epic mistakes by coloring the wrong country.
PowerPoint World Map consists of a world map in which any* country in this World Map is drawn as an editable object, or group of objects (with belonging islands etc.) that can be selected by country name in PowerPoint (Office/PPT version 2003 up to 2013 / 365 and epic on Windows 10 and older).**

Your copy of the Windows 10 ready epic PowerPoint World Map file is instantly emailed to you. In the PowerPoint World Map file, on any World Map slide, just click any* country and the world countries names list appears in Selection Pane. Or activate the Selection Pane on the Ribbon to make the countries names list appear (see: Instruction Manual PDF). To create an epic insight on global developments, copy the World Map map slide in your presentation and (re-)color the countries to represent the next steps of the developments in your global stories, hence fast and error-free developing your epic global presentation!
It really is that easy!

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